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Young riders love horses!
Horsemanship classes are important!
CHA Certified Riding Instructor

Want to learn a balanced seat in beginning horse back riding or advance your skills in a safe, contained riding arena with a CHA Certified Riding Instructor?

Come on out to groom, saddle at the hitching rail,
and head out for a fun riding lesson in one of our 3 riding areas.


Learn how to control your ride at the walk, trot, and canter on a well trained lesson horse.







Choose from:


Natural Rider (Bareback Saddle)


English All Purpose Saddle


Western Pleasure

Basic CHA Level 1 Ground Lesson:

- Groom
- Saddle/Correct Stirrup Fit

- Bridle and Lead Safely









Advanced Pattern Obstacle Course:

- Trot & Transitions
- Post Trot on Correct Lead
- Check Release Gate Control
- Canter
- Canter Transitions
- Lead Changes & MORE!





MICAH - Triple Registered AQHA Red Dun





All participants must wear a SEI-ASTM Certified Riding helmet.








Basic CHA Level 1 Riding Lesson:

- Mount/Dismount
- Walk On/Whoa

- Direct Reining

- One Rein Stop (Emergency Stop)

- Walk

- Sit the Trot

- Check Release Gait Control


- Lessons on your property require safety   inspection     

- Private rider (1) $30.00 hourly

- Group riding (2) $50.00 hourly

- Cash/Check day of ride

- Lesson description see below

- 16 years of age and under accompanied   by parent

- SEI/ASTM Riding helmets required
- Stable Release of Liability required
- Adhere to Missouri Equine Law 537.325


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